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Apr 21, 2022 | 0 comments

Visual Development Book

Gouache Illustrations

Spot Illustrations

Thoughts On This Project

Threads is a visual development and mini-novel that was developed as a part of my final project. I first thought about what I wanted to add to my work, and how it would separate myself from my peers. My previous work with writing was very helpful and helped to shape the characters and their place in their world. I’ve decided to leave the mini novel out of this post because of the inherent copyright of the work. Also, it is a little embarrassing to show my work sometimes.

I think my choice to use gouache for most of the illustrations in this project proved to bring the viewer back to a time that would be close to the time period that my characters lived in. One thing I think I would like to do more of next time is more exploration of the desert and how unforgiving it can be, but so endless and beautiful at the same time.



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