Crimean War Comic

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Crimean War Comic VisDev Book

Crimean War Comic Book

Thoughts On This Project

This Crimean War Comic project originally started as a very sort of generic jail-break story set in the modern times of the 1920’s, art-deco style. It was very difficult for me to form some sort of excitement around this story, which was rather unfortunate. The whole concept of the comic was about to be thrown out altogether, when I discussed it with my professor Tyler Jenkins. He very smartly suggested that I change the time period that this event was placed in, and voila! The Crimean War. The interest towards the war was because of the ‘coolness of the name’, admittedly so. This is the brainchild of my ideas and my mentors guiding me throughout the way.

Perhaps coincidentally, the main character Sofia is a frightened and somewhat innocent but at the same time not easily swayed. While the other two characters Aleksandra and Mikhail are also not easily shaken, they are willing to take more extreme measures in order to reach their goals. The Crimean War has taken it’s toll on everyone in this story, and I wanted to focus on that as much as I could through subtext. Although this story is unnfinished (hence the 5 page), I felt passionate about it, so I hope I can continue to work on it.

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