Children’s Book Project: Winter Wonderland

Feb 14, 2022 | 0 comments

Thoughts On This Illustration

Winter Wonderland was the 4th project made in the children’s book course I took part in. It was certainly a challenge to find something that would capture the attention of children and be able to make the subject relatable to them as well.

In the case of this project, I was reminded of my childhood with my sister where we would spend time in the snow together. While we didn’t exactly fish, the frigid snow and ice was something we experienced for half the year at a time. As we grew up, we spent less time together, but the love was still there. Even as you can tell that one sibling has grown up, you can still tell they innately care about each other. When the littler one has bit more than he can chew, the big brother can be there to save him.

The use of cut paper in this children’s book project was fun, but only once. The cricut was insanely useful to use, but still held issues that I had with cut paper in the past: losing pieces, gluing tiny pieces together. Despite how simple these shapes were, it was still a pain.

Materials Used

Check your local art store for these!


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